Apply Cream Eyeshadow Like A Pro

Apply Cream Eyeshadows Like A Pro 

The obsession with cream eyeshadows is real. Any product that allows you turn out a chic eye look in a matter of seconds has our vote. They are the perfect product for makeup novices and pros alike. Forget the science of blending, cream shadows do all the work for you!  Talk about minimal effort for a high payoff.  

But, are you ready to take you cream eyeshadow game to the next level? We have the pro tips that will make applying cream eyeshadow even easier.




The first step is to prep! It’s always a good idea to wash and dry your eyelids before you go near them with product. Unlike matte eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows are formulated with a buttery texture that, when applied, can cause the product to move around. Primer gives the particles in the shadow something to adhere to, and also prevent smearing. This is especially true if your eyelids are on the oily side.


Now that you’ve laid down your primer, it’s time to dip into your cream eyeshadow of choice. Forget about trying to figure out which brush to use! Fingers are always the best tool for applying cream shadows. Warm up the shadows between your fingers before application to loosen up the oils in the product and make it easier to blend.  


To apply the product, tip your head back slightly and pat the product onto the lid in a soft slow motion, starting in the centre, and working outwards and upwards. Using your ring finger will give the lightest touch while working quickly. If you want to go in with a brush afterwards, to even things out, opt for a blending brush. 


If using your fingers to apply product is not your thing, you can always reach for a flat eyeshadow brush. This type of brush is perfect for gently patting the product into place all over your eyelid without causing any creasing. Just be sure to tap off any excess product that the brush may pick up before using!

When it comes to applying a cream eyeshadow to your lower lash line, your best option is to use your ring finger or a dense shadow brush to gently apply the product for a more dramatic finish to your look.



Our cream eyeshadows are available in four lustrous shades. Check out our Glitter Chrome Eyeshadows here.



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